Joseph Hanna, P.Eng.

President & CEO

Hanna Infrastructure Ltd. is a Vancouver-based company and has been providing a vast array of construction and project management services domestically and globally since it's inception in 2006. We capitalize in our vast experience in the construction industries reflecting our capabilities to provide turnkey services to our clients and our projects.

Our team has the expertise to deal with the most sophisticated challenges in construction projects in all areas and exposures included but not limited to technical supports, engineering and design, scheduling, cost analysis, production analysis and contractual aspects. We are focus in providing our clients with a very unique combination of experts around the same table capable to resolve any construction dilemmas in a professional and timely manner.

It is my mandate to continue serving the construction industry locally and globally and to provide our clients with the most efficient solution to their situation.

Why Choose Us?

Strength in Our People

Our strength is driven from our people, and our people are striving to provide first class services. We have combined individuals with remarkable experiences in different areas and aspects of the industry.

Multiple Backgrounds

We have the background of heavy civil, infrastructure, tunneling, mining, commercial and design build.

Profound Experience

Our team is a correlation of senior professional engineers and construction experts with almost 20 decades of profound knowledge and experiences.


Mr. Hanna has gained and maintained a remarkable profile as a construction professional, combined with vast first hand experiences in the Heavy Civil, Infrastructure and transportation, and Mining sectors.Mr. Hanna professional career encompassed major exposures and deep experiences demonstrated a forceful individual with a drive to make decisions and initiate actions with proven management style and strategies. The following are snap shots of 25 years of experiences in most facets of the construction
Mr. Hanna is a Professional Civil Engineer with extensive augmentative related training.

He has furthered his Bachelor of Science / Civil Engineering degree obtained in 1990 from Zagazig University of Engineering in Cairo, Egypt, by completing additional industry related courses and programs provided by the British Columbia Institute of Technology.Joseph began his career in construction in 1985 as a Surveyor/Assistant Field Engineer and contin¬ued to advance his scope from soil testing and from being assistant geotechnical engineer through 1987 to include senior engineering duties with Soletanche Enterprise, was involved in over $800 Million of tunnelling, subway, overpass and Hydro Projects.In early 90th Mr. Hanna moved to Canada and wasengaged by Walter Construction where he became involved in over $400 Million of major construction work. That work included major highway interchange and tunnel, water dam projects, airport, sewage treatment plant, seismic structure upgrade, and remarkable Design Build Projects.

In 2004 Joseph joined Ruskin Construction as its Executive Vice President where he operated in that capacity until 2010. In 2010 through August 2012 Joseph moved to become Chief Operating Officer of Tercon/ ACT and Pala Investment where Mr. Hanna expand his expertise to oil sand, mining, massive earth moving in addition to infrastructure, utilities, pipeline, refinery, run of the river hydro electric work and marine dock work.Prior of founding CEWE Infrastructure Ltd in 2012 Mr. Hanna joined Mutual Construction Ltd part of the Surespan Group of Companies as its President and Chief Executive Officer.Mr. Hanna has a proven track record of success in every aspect of the construction business and always holds client satisfaction at the top of the order of stakeholder and success priorities, along with safety, target scheduling, and “on-budget” completion requirements.In short, Joseph is a proven leader of people including support engineers, design authorities, field personnel, and selected significant human resource all of whom have contributed to his magnificent track record in construction industry.